Summer Shenanigans & Check-in

For some, the summer has already began. For others, the summer is just around the corner. Spring came kind of late this year, but the humidity in the air today argues that spring temperatures are nearly passed.  I'm in a limbo between my summer starting and being started. My spring semester is thankfully over, but... Continue Reading →



Often, I write prose in my head as I walk. I tell myself that I'll write it down later, but I hardly ever do. It's a meditative act, and I struggle to recreate that peace and unease when no longer in the moment. In particular, I prefer to numb myself outside of those moments, scared... Continue Reading →

Caught up and Confusedo

I get caught up in expectations. Caught up in other's expectations of me, and even more caught up in my own expectations for myself. I get caught up worrying about what others will think, and forget to be unapologetically me. I got so caught up, that I stopped blogging even though I made this blog... Continue Reading →

One Day in Rome

Today I went to Rome with two of my house mates. According to my Fitbit, we walked 29,000 steps today, which is not surprising at all.  Because tourist season has begun, the cheapest train tickets we could get were for 5:50am, so we started our day at 4:45am.  Once we arrived in Rome, not long... Continue Reading →

A Weekend with Zoë

It’s been quite a while since I last posted anything. I’ve been side-lined from blogging due to my busy school schedule and getting sick for a whole week. I’ve had so much to blog about, but not the time, that now I’m forgetting where to start. I guess I’ll start with this post, and then... Continue Reading →

Stress Relief

I'm stressed about the new presidency, and some of the horrifying changes that have already occurred. Because of this, I have started and not finished writing at least two other blog posts. Hopefully these posts will be coming soon, but until then, here are some pictures of my cat, Clyde. Clyde makes me feel all... Continue Reading →

Art History Everywhere

This week I started classes, and wow. I love this place. From the studio to the lecture hall, I am engaged. At the end of the day, I am exhausted, but ready to work the next day. As I get more tired as the semester goes on, I hope I will continue to stay focused.... Continue Reading →

Buon giorno, Firenze! 

Well! It's been three days since I arrived in Florence, and it's been quite the adventure thus far. I've walked between six and eight miles each day since arriving here. Italy is having colder than usual weather this month, so I found myself cold and in need of a heavier jacket. Fortunately, I live close... Continue Reading →

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