One Day in Rome

Today I went to Rome with two of my house mates. According to my Fitbit, we walked 29,000 steps today, which is not surprising at all. 
Because tourist season has begun, the cheapest train tickets we could get were for 5:50am, so we started our day at 4:45am. 
Once we arrived in Rome, not long after 8:00, we caught a bus to the Vatican City. We promptly walked in the wrong direction and ended up walking more than half way around the city to the entrance of the Museum. Once we arrived at the museum, We were blessed that my dear friend, Sophia, who was in Rome from Denmark for the weekend, was already waiting in line for us! Getting to see Sophia was an unplanned joy. She just happened to text me earlier in the week inquiring about Florence’s distance from Rome, only for me to realize we would be in Rome at the same time! We went through the Vatican Museum together, along with Sophia’s friend, Lindsey. The Sistine Chapel was smaller than I expected, and the men working inside it were very grumpy. 

After the Museum, we went out to lunch before Sophia and Lindsey split ways with us. Lauren, Clio, and I went back to the Vatican, this time to the city. I discovered that I have a dreadful verbal filter and need to significantly decrease several words from my vocabulary. Hopefully, I also got a little tan. 

After the Vatican, we walked towards Largo di Torre Argentina, a square containing Ancient Roman ruins, that also conveniently contains lots of cats! The cats who live there help Rome with its rat problem in exchange for health care and housing. The US government should probably check this system out. I also lost my new camera lens’ lens cover in pursuit of a cat. I do not recommend repeating this, but I made a pretty spiffy tape replacement. Good thing I loved duct tape back in middle school– still got my skills.

The rest of our day contained lots of walking– a half marathon total. We got gelato at Giolitti, a gelateria that is supposed to be one of the best in the world. For such a rating, it was surprisingly well priced, and quite delicious. I indulged in a white chocolate dipped cone with white chocolate, cinnamon, and bailey’s Irish cream gelato. I do recommend this combination. 

The rest of today’s walking included visiting the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, which contains three Caravaggio paintings in one of its chapels. One of these paintings actually contains a self portrait of Caravaggio because a lot of Renaissance and Baroque painters would paint themselves into scenes as one of the characters. It’s always fun to find those portraits within paintings. 

We ended our day with a rushed walking tour past the Colosseum, which was closed for most of today due to a European Union meeting taking place close by, and then walked in the complete opposite direction to the Trevi Fountain. After this, we rushed to catch our 8pm train, excited for the chance to finally sit. 


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