Buon giorno, Firenze! 

Well! It’s been three days since I arrived in Florence, and it’s been quite the adventure thus far. I’ve walked between six and eight miles each day since arriving here.

Italy is having colder than usual weather this month, so I found myself cold and in need of a heavier jacket. Fortunately, I live close to most of the designer shops, both high end and low end, so I was able to hop into a Zara for the fuzziest coat I have ever owned. Two pairs of leggings a day, wool socks, a warm head band and scarf, and my trusty Dr. Martens are keeping the rest of me warm.

Thanks to the great amount of walking I’m doing, I’m not having to worry too much about what I eat. That being said, I’ve missed my veggies these last couple of days, so part of tomorrow’s mission will be going to the market in search of fresh vegetables.

The first day I was here, January 5th, I arrived in Florence around 9:30am. At the airport, I met up with a couple of girls from my program who I had met through the Facebook group. Four of us crammed ourselves and luggage into a medium sized taxi, and split the fare for the drive to SACI. Once at SACI’s main building, we got our apartment assignments and branched off in our own directions. I met my apartment mates, Annie, Livi, Lauren, and Clio. All fellow SACI students. Later in the evening, I met up again with my friends from the airport and got dinner from the restaurant under my apartment. I went to bed early that night, which turned out to be a wise decision since we had loud, drunk people outside our window for five hours in the middle of the night.

On day two, I had a rough start to the morning, including a migraine and getting sick to my stomach for the first time in years. So I’m going to skip to the afternoon. Actually, the afternoon wasn’t super exciting either. We split into groups and got a very cold tour of the location of all of SACI buildings and local important spots. However, yesterday was a holiday, so nothing was open. January 6th is the holiday, Epiphany. In Florence, the holiday is celebrated with a parade from the Palazzo Pitti to the Piazza Del Duomo with hundreds of people parading in renaissance costumes, starting with the three wise men.
We had to wait for a break in the parade in order to get home since it blocked every route home that we knew of. On the upside, we bought our first bottles of cheap Italian wine on our way home. Let me tell you, €3 bottles of wine in Italy are far better than $3 bottles of wine in Tennessee.

At the end of the day, Livi, Clio, and I went for a walk. We found the river for the first time and had our first Italian pizzas. I definitely plan on having a few more of those while I’m here.
Today was my third day in Florence. In the morning, I had a whirlwind tour of the artistically historical sites by one of SACI’s art history professors. I’ve never experienced someone try to fill so little time with so much mostly extranious information in 25°F weather. In the afternoon, we registered for permits of stay with the Italian police, and then napped for a longer than suggested period of time. And now it’s pasta time, so ciao!


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